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Home Office

Home Office

Working from home has many benefits. However, without a designated office space, you’ll face countless distractions and become less productive. A custom home office designed by Naples Closets will give you a wonderful place to work. 

A workspace should work for you, not the other way around. We meet with you in your home to design a functional workplace. We can design a desk and bookshelves or just bookshelves to compliment your designer desk. 

Ample Storage Space
Ample desk space and storage space is key to a well-functioning home office. When you have an office that is overflowing, it can be hard to draw the line between work and home life. Our designers will meet with you in your designated office before they start construction to learn your habits and organizational needs. Some features that can help with home office organization are:

– Enclosed or open custom built bookcases
– Cabinets below the desk or on the wall above the desk
– Computer and keyboard pullout tray 

Custom built-in shelves or cabinets will give a more consistent look as our designers will match the stain or paint to your desk material and compliment the room. 

Increased Productivity
A designated, customized and organized home office space helps to increase your productivity and it’s motivating. 

Invite our experienced designers at Naples Closets into your home for a free in-home consultation to custom design your home office. 

Visit our website for more information or call Naples Closets at (239) 821-2741
Garage Organization Solutions

Garage Organization Solutions

An organized garage makes a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home. It’s usually the first thing we see when we return home every day. 

Our designers at Naples Closets have helped to transform garages from being completely cluttered and unusable to being organized and extending storage space. We custom build cabinets to make it easy to find seasonal decor, tools or to contain sports equipment. 

Here are a few solutions to consider if you want to make a big impact with storage options in your home with just a few changes:

Workbenches should be as unique as the people who use them. Our custom design team will design this space with cabinets beneath the workbench countertop so you can use as much storage space as possible. Wall shelving and peg boards are also a great feature for tools.  Wall cabinets and vertical wall storage are great options for storing household items you don’t use often or for additional storage items that you may buy in bulk. 

Cabinets in the garage really help to make the most of storage space available for a variety of uses.

Vertical Storage Systems
Slatwall, grid wall, and other vertical storage solutions make it possible to get more usable space from the garage. Invest in accessories like S-hooks or baskets. This is a great idea for workbench areas or gardening centers, where small tools need to be accessible on a regular basis.

Athletic or Sporting Equipment
It helps to have space dedicated to your hobbies in the garage or for your children’s sporting equipment. This helps protect your belongings and keeps everything accessible, especially if you are looking for the golf clubs.

Visit our website for more information and call Naples Closets for a free consultation (239) 821-2741. 

Accessorize Your Walk-In Closet

Accessorize Your Walk-In Closet

At Naples Closets, we can completely customize your walk-in closet or enhance your existing closet space. Your personal design team of experts will meet with you to determine what you need most in your closet. Since we are truly custom closet designers and builders, we can enhance your closet to best fit your needs & lifestyle! There are a lot of options available but there are a few essentials you should consider for your new closet.

Shoe Shelves
This is one of the first accessory options to consider adding to your custom closet. A built-in shoe rack will not only clear up space on your floor but will also display your shoes for easy access. We also offer slide-out shelving which makes it even easier to see all of your wonderful shoes.

Tie Racks
This is a must have as a tie is a classic piece of many men’s wardrobe. A well placed tied rack can make all the difference in keeping a space organized and taking care of expensive ties. We have several customizable tie racks available for something as simple as over the door to wall mounted systems and carousels. Carousel tie racks are helpful options for those who have a large number of ties and this allows for ultimate visibility and accessibility. We also offer drawer inserts that allow ties to be individually organized. 

Jewelry Drawers
Jewelry is the perfect accessory to make a statement with your clothing every day. Let it make a statement in your closet! We can customize velvet lined drawers that will allow you to lay out every piece of your jewelry collections. A jewelry cabinet built onto the wall is a great option, it looks like a full-length mirror and opens to display your jewelry. It’s also a great way to protect your valuable pieces as most would never know the front of the cabinet opens to a wall of jewelry. 

Sliding mirrors can easily glide in and out of built-in cabinets so they are completely hidden when not in use and not collecting dust. Full-length mirrors are easily accommodated with the appropriate space. 

Pullout Laundry Hamper: 
When considering this option, some people decide on a set of two, which allows you to conveniently sort dark clothing and light laundry easily. An actual laundry basket takes up floor space, but building one into your new closet can be easily a pullout convenience. With built-in hampers, they fold into the surrounding shelves to seamlessly blend in with other cabinets and drawers. This will keep your dirty laundry out of sight and give you more floor space. 

Walk-in closets have come a long way and keep getting bigger! Naples Closets can help customize your walk-in closet to your exact specifications so you’re sure to get the most out of the space. Visit our website for more options!

Call us for a free in-home consultation.  We’ll come to your home to measure your space and discuss your needs and share ideas. Let’s create a functional closet space to be enjoyed for years to come! 

Naples Closets (239) 821-2741


New Member

Over the past 10 years, Naples Closets has continued to grow. Today we would like to announce a new member, Tommy Huggins, to our team. Tommy has a vast array of knowledge when it comes to construction. He has worked in the field for over 8 years. In addition, he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at West Virginia University. The combination of his studies and experience will prove great value to our company. Tommy will specialize in closet designs and contractor sales.


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